Basic Moves

Basic Moves

* Controls are for when character is facing right.


While near opponent D

Throw Rejection

When opponent executes a throw D


When knocked in the air A or B or C

Special Rules

First Attack

When you land an attack before your opponent does after the round begins, you will receive one additional Tactics Bar as a bonus.

Hougeki Combo

When using a counterattack that contains a Hougeki attribute, a special hit effect will be generated, and you will have the chance to execute a Hougeki Combo.

During a Hougeki Combo, you can execute one move with each of the three attributes "slam", "blow away", "lift off".

Common Hougeki Attacks


(only when opponent attacks from mid-air)




* Aside from the common Hougeki attacks, individual characters also have their own Hougeki attacks.

Moves Using the Tactics Bars

Moves Using the Tactics Bars

Tactics Bars are filled by landing attacks on your opponent and by blocking your opponent's attacks. Once filled up, a certain number of Tactics Bars can be used to generate powerful attacks or to summon your strategist.

Summon Strategist

(uses up 1 Tactics Bar)


Your strategist (support character) will execute an attack. Can be used to counter enemy attacks or to assist in combos

EX Special Attack

(uses up 1 Tactics Bar)

Special Move A B

Enables you to execute a more powerful version of your Special Move.


(uses up 3 Tactics Bars)


Turns you invincible for a short time as you execute an extremely powerful move. Even when blocked, it will still allow you to seize the advantage in battle.


(During a Hougeki Combo; uses up 4 Tactics Bars)


Enables you to execute a move which will defeat your opponent with a single blow.
Cannot be executed after canceling.