Voice actress: Maki Kobayashi

Bachō Mōki

Reckless and impulsive, she will charge into battle with any opponent, but her energy often proves her downfall as she can be clumsy and prone to mistakes.
Easily prompted to action by a well-placed word or two, she wields her spear, Silver Flash, in battle.


Special Move

  • Hissatsu Senpūdan
    Deadly Whirlwind
  • A or B or C Can be held

  • Senkūkyaku
    Flashing Steed
  • A or B or C Mid-air OK

  • Kūgekishū
    Aerial Attack
  • A or B or C Can be held


  • Senkai Sōgeki
    Lancer Revolution
  • D


  • Hakuginki no Mai
    Silver Princess Dance
  • B C