Voice actress: Emi Motoi

Chō'un Shiryū

Wielding a spear known as Dragon Fang, she is a warrior of ability to match Kan'u and Chōhi. Revered as the Divine Spear, she cuts down her foes as if dancing gracefully, her long hair floating behind her.
She has her own unique opinions concerning beauty, but her esthetics do not match those of the ordinary person. She likes bamboo shoots and wine.


Special Move

  • Ryūgeki
    Dragon Strike
  • A or B or C

  • Ryūga
    Dragon Fang
  • A or B or C

  • Sōryūsei
    Dragon Stream
  • A or B or C


  • Seiun Shinmyōgeki
    Nebular Wizardry
  • D


  • Kachō Kenzan
    Meet Butterfly Mask
  • B C