Voice actress: Hiroka Nishizawa

Chōhi Yokutoku

A young girl who has journeyed across the land with Kan'u, fighting to save the weak and downtrodden. She has the strength to match Kan'u in battle, but as she is but a child, she is prone to making simple errors, earning her the ire of Kan'u.
Despite her short stature, she likes to use her oversized Long Dabo in battle.


Special Move

  • Tosyugeki Kankō
    Onslaught Charge
  • A or B or C Mid-air OK

  • Mōko no Geki
    Striking Tiger
  • A or B or C

  • Mōko Funsaigeki
    Demolishing Tiger
  • Close range
  • A or B or C


  • Dabō Sōda
    Dabo Strike
  • D


  • Kengo Bōatsu
    Absolute Fortress
  • B C