Voice actress: Nami Kurokawa

Kan'u Unchō

A girl who has traveled across the land, driven by her burning spirit of righteousness to protect the lives of ordinary people. She has spent her life fighting to build a land where even the weak can live in peace.
Wielding her mighty Green Dragon Crescent Blade, longer than she is tall, her lustrous, black hair flutters in the breeze as she dispatches her foes.


Special Move

  • Tōha
    Blade Force
  • A or B or C

  • Seiryū no Yaiba
    Green Dragon Crescent Blade
  • A or B or C

  • Seiryū Gekirin no Tachi
    Wrath of Green Dragon
  • A or B or C


  • Tōki Kengen
    Might Incarnation
  • D


  • Senzin Guhū
    The Tumult of War
  • B C