CV. Chiyo Ousaki

Jokō Kōmei

She's an introvert who does not talk much and works quietly without showing much emotion. She's small in stature but wields a large axe with ease that is out of proportion to her size. She is one of the bravest in the Gi military forces.


Special Move

  • Fūjinha
    Dust Wave
  • A or B or C Mid-air OK

  • Daiyōgeki
    Quake Attack
  • A or B or C

  • Shanfū Bakusatsuken
    Shanfū Explosive Fist
  • A or B or C Follow up with
    A or B or C


  • Tenmou Kaikai
    Heaven's Vengeance
  • D


  • Hadōkyōten Gaeshi
    Domination Throw
  • B C