Voice actress: Airi Yoshida

Kakōen Myōsai

Famed archer, wielding the Hungry Wolf's Claw. Twin sister and lieutenant of Kakōton, she has also vowed to dedicate her body and soul to Sōsō's grand cause.
Always calm and composed, she supports her sister without complaint, but must endure great stress and hardship as a result of her sister's impetuousness.


Special Move

  • Issi Issatsu
    One Shot One Kill
  • A or B or C Mid-air OK Can be held

  • Gibu no Senkō
    Gi Flash
  • A or B or C

  • Fukugekisha
    Surprise Shot
  • A or B or C


  • Korō no Otakebi
    Savage Roar
  • D


  • Kyūsen Ryoran
    Archer Distraction
  • B C