Voice actress: Yukie Maeda

Sōsō Mōtoku

King of Gi known across the land as a cold and brilliant strategic genius. Extremely arrogant and supremely confident, she actually shows great compassion for her vassals. She believes it is her divine mission to rebuild this war-torn land with her own hands, and wields her weapon, dubbed Oblivion, in an effort to do so.


Special Move

  • Sin'en Shōha
    Abyss Blast
  • A or B or C Mid-air OK

  • Zetsunyūmetsu
    Death Break
  • A or B or C

  • Senrinten
    Circular Spin
  • A or B or C


  • Kan'yu no Sippū
    Gale of the Dread Lord
  • D


  • Haō no Sabaki
    Judgement of the Overlord
  • B C